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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Abbott Sisters Project
Aeppel/Sorensen Scholarship Fund
Alda J. Gunn Scholarship Fund
A.M. Hargis Scholarship Fund
Anglers Unlimited
AOK Ladies Fund
AOK Ladies Scholarship Fund
Arline Clark Fund
Arline Clark Scholarship Fund
Arthur E Klinkacek Fund
Associated Staffing Inc. Scholarship Fund
Bernard and Jo Ann Kisner Scholarship Fund
Betty J. and Jack B. Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund
Betty Meedel/YWCA Memorial Scholarship Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Agency Fund
Bill and Marcia Lawton Donor Advised Fund
Bill and Marcia Lawton Fund
Bob D. Jablonski Scholarship Fund
Bob McFarland Memorial Fund
Brad and Jeannee Fossberg Scholarship Fund
Brian and Carey Hamilton Advised Fund
Business Coalition for Veterans Fund
Buzz and Donna Douthit Charitable Donor Advised Fund
Carl C. and Abbie Rebman Trust Scholarship Fund
Case IH Advised Fund
Casey & Vivian Damratowski Scholarship Fund
Central Nebraska Disaster Relief Fund
Central Nebraska Humane Society Fund
CHI Health St. Francis Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
Chris Hiatt Scholarship Fund
Christmas Cheer Fund
Citizen Advocacy Endowment Fund
Clara M. Paulsen Designated Fund
Clayton L and Verna G Robb Memorial Scholarship Fund
Community Health Charities Advised Fund
COVID-19 Community Compassion Fund
Craig Robertshaw Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dan and Gretchen Eakes Fund
Daniel and Lisa Thayer Advised Fund
David and Marcy Luth Donor Advised Fund
Don and Sharon Jelinek Donor Advised Fund
Doniphan Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Doniphan Community Foundation Operating Fund
Doniphan Disaster Relief Fund
Doniphan Senior Center Endowment Fund
Doniphan-Trumbull Education Foundation Unrestricted Endowment Fund
Doniphan Veterans Memorial Park Fund
Dorothy Schulz Scholarship Fund
Doug and Jill Fargo Donor Advised Fund
Dr. William Gomes Scholarship Fund
Duane D. Curtin Designated Fund
Earl and Maxine Claussen Charitable Trust Advised Fund
Edgar and Frances Reynolds Foundation Veterans Fund
Edgar Barge Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eleanore Brune Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ellen Hornady Donor Advised Fund
Ernest M. and Ethel L. Lepin Scholarship Fund
Eugene Billesbach Scholarship Fund
Family First Academy Fund
Faye Wagner Field of Interest Fund
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Endowment Fund
Francis Cronin Impact Fund
Friendship House Endowment Fund
Friends of Grand Island Parks Fund
Fritz and Nora Obermiller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gaylord and Joan Apfel Advised Fund
Gene and Ellinor Reab Fund
George Cowton Rotary Scholarship Fund
George Wanitschke Family Scholarship Fund
GGICF Art Grant Fund
GGICF Building the Foundation for Good Fund
GGICF Children & Youth Grant Fund
GGICF Community Enrichment Grant Fund
GGICF Education Grant Fund
GGICF Employee Fund
GGICF Health Grant Fund
GGICF Henry Dixon "Dick" and Clara Glade Fund
GGICF Nonprofit Excellence Institute
GGICF Nonprofit Excellence Institute Phase II
GGICF Operating Endowment Fund
GGICF Operating Fund
GGICF The Gift of a Legacy Event
GGICF Unrestricted Grant Fund
GGICF Veterans Fund
GGICF Youth Philanthropy Fund
G.I. Board of Realtors Advised Endowment Fund
GRACE Foundation Scholarship Fund
Grand Island Arboretum Field of Interest Fund
Grand Island Board of Realtors Scholarship Fund
Grand Island Children's Museum Fund
Grand Island Partnership for the Arts Flex Fund
Grand Island Pickleball Club Fund
Grand Island Volunteer Fire Department
Grand Island Youth Activity Fund
Gretchen and Jack Dinsdale Palmer Veterans Memorial Fund
Groundwater Festival General Fund
Groundwater Guardian Team Fund
Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Fund
Hall County Medical Society Scholarship Fund
Harold R. Dunlap Fund
Hazel G. Rector Designated Fund
HEAR Grand Island
Heartland United Way Fund
Henry and Evelyn Schuff Pioneer Park Endowment Fund
Henry and Maria Ahrens Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund
Holiday for Hope
Home Federal Bank Community Appreciation Fund
Howard and Gladys Eakes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Huwaldt Family Trust Fund
Jack and Joyce Schultz Advised Family Fund
Jackson Dinsdale Endowed Advised Fund
Jackson Dinsdale Endowed Legacy Fund
James P. and Joy Y. Zana Family Scholarship Fund
Jami Harper Children's Theater Endowment Fund
Jami Harper Nebraska Children's Groundwater Festival Scholarship Fund
Jami Harper Youth Leadership Tomorrow Scholarship Fund
Jerome and Linda Lobner Scholarship Fund
Jim and Dee Price Donor Advised
Jim and Dee Price Scholarship Fund
Jim and Norma Merrick Scholarship Fund
JoAnne Adams Scholarship Fund
Joe and Clara Janulewicz Fund
John and Diane Brownell Endowment Fund
Julie Lienemann Donor Advised Fund
Karen A. Connick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Keith C. and Doris M. Moeller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ken and Bonnie Gnadt Family Trust Fund
Kim West Dinsdale Excellence in Teaching Fund
Klinkacek Scholarship Fund
Knights of Columbus Council 5455 Scholarship Fund
Krick Family Memorial Fund
Kris Nolan Brown Donor Advised Fund
Kurt Haecker Donor Advised Fund
Larry Huwaldt Donor Advised Fund
Leadership Tomorrow Agency Flex Fund
Leadership Tomorrow Endowment Fund
Lloyd and Maybelle Wheeler Fund
Lois and Harold Hanshew Scholarship Fund
Lois L. Badura/Kaminski Scholarship Fund
Loup City Library Reading Program Fund
Loup City Library Special Projects Fund
Loup City Schools Charles & Mildred Peterson Scholarship Fund
Loup City Schools Fund
Lucille Toczek Schuett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marval and Joyce Hornady Scholarship Fund
Mayoral Community Impact Fund
Merle and Carolyn Mays Donor Advised Fund
Merle Lanham Cory Advised Fund
Merrick Medical Center Foundation Fund
Michael and Audrey Pitcher Scholarship Fund
Mike and Jean Hamik Donor Advised Fund
Mike Gloor and Marie de Martinez Donor Advised Fund
Mildred Jack Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mina Schumann Scholarship Fund
Nebraska State Fair Fund
O.K. and Lillian B. Winn Scholarship Fund
Paul D. Good Memorial Scholarship Fund
Peter J. and Rose Ann Kowalski Scholarship Fund
Plains, LTD, Donor Advised Fund
Ralph and Lorraine Laskowski Endowment Fund
Ralph and Patricia Kelly Arts Fund
Rena Uhlig Trust Scholarship Fund
Richard and Virginia Good Advised Fund
Rick Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Roger and Melodee Anderson Fund
Roman and Patricia Badura Scholarship Fund
Ron Setlik Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rosemary Werner Advised Fund
Rueben and Wanda Lewandowski Fund
Russell and Mabel Geer Scholarship Fund
Schuster Family Donor Advised Fund
Sharon Rerucha / Big Brothers Big Sisters Scholarship Fund
Sherman County Community Foundation Fund
Sherman County Community Foundation Memorial Fund
Sherman County Economic Development Fund
S.N. (Bud) and Gloria Wolbach Scholarship Fund
St. Libory Volunteer Rural Fire Department Fund
STOP Fund Raffle
STOP- Voices for Freedom
Susan Wissing Memorial Advised Fund
Tami J. DeMers Memorial Donor Advised Fund
TeamMates Mentoring Program Scholarship Endowment Fund
TeamMates Operating Endowment Fund
Thayer Family Advised Fund
The gROw Fund
Theodore Bielfeldt Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Stueven Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Velma Mays Scholarship Fund
Vivian Watts Scholarship Fund
Wanitschke Family Donor Advised Fund
William Fowles Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wyman and Cleo Woodyard Family Scholarship Fund
YWCA Endowment Fund